Safety Concerns Arise on Meru Raya-Klebang Road, Endangering Housing Community

By Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

IPOH – The Meru Raya-Klebang road, linking Lebuh Chepor Utama 2 to Lebuh Klebang Putra, is currently posing a significant safety threat to residents in three nearby housing estates.

This concern has been raised by Razkhi Rayman, 56, the Chairman of the Taman Meru Perdana 2 Residents Association, Lanes 16 – 26, who believes that the construction of the road does not meet the necessary safety standards.

“We consider this new road as a ‘main shortcut.’ However, after being opened to the public, it has raised safety concerns for nearby residents.

This road lacks safety features such as directional signs and safety indicators indicating that it passes through a residential area.

Similarly, there are no directional markers before entering the roundabout, which faces the entrance and exit lanes of Taman Meru Perdana 2 and the neighbouring housing estates. These directional signs are particularly needed at night,” he said during a media briefing representing residents of three housing estates in Taman Meru Perdana 2, here yesterday.

He further added that since the opening of this road to the public, several accidents have occurred at the roundabout intersection.

Due to the straight and featureless nature of the new road, most users drive at high speeds without regard for vehicles entering and exiting intersections.

“I urge the responsible authorities, including the State Government, Ipoh City Council (MBI), and the developers, to address this issue by constructing speed bumps and directional signs.

Road barriers should also be erected along this residential route to ensure the safety of residents in case of any accidents,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Nazri Mohd Ariff, 39, Chairman of the Taman Meru Perdana 2 Residents Association, called on MBI, particularly the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, to take the safety concerns of the residents seriously.

The safety of nearly 1,300 residents should be a top priority, as this road has become a major two-way shortcut.

MBI members and assemblymen should also conduct on-site inspections to address this issue promptly and prevent further accidents that could result in loss of life,” he said.

Mohd Syukur Jalinu, 43, Chairman of the Taman Chepor Idaman Residents Association, noted that the road’s opening has also given rise to social problems such as illegal racing.

“This route has become a focal point for youths engaged in illegal racing activities. They ride motorcycles recklessly without wearing helmets.

“I hope the authorities can conduct patrols to swiftly eradicate these social activities,” he said.

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