Pangkor Island Community Enhances Disaster Management Knowledge

By Zaki Salleh

PANGKOR – The community on Pangkor Island is set to receive essential emergency response skills, including disaster management training, through the Kampung Siaga Program and Basic Course Training provided by the Civil Defense Force (APM).

The APM’s introduction of the Kampung Siaga Program is a commendable initiative aimed at educating rural communities to be well-prepared to face disasters.

In this regard, an informational session was conducted by the APM of the Manjung District in Masjid Village, Pangkor Island.

The briefing was chaired by the APM Officer of the Manjung District, Captain (CA) Suliana Mohamad, and the Deputy Officer of the Civil Defense Force of the Manjung District, Lieutenant (CA) Mohd Nor Isham Idris.

The official launch of the program was presided over by Pangkor State Assemblyman (ADUN) Norhaslinda Zakaria.

The primary objective of the Kampung Siaga Program is to raise awareness within our community, ensuring they are always ready to face any potential disasters.

This initiative is in line with APM’s role as a rescue force, disaster management secretariat, and provider of training and public knowledge to the public in handling emergencies and disasters.

Upon being approached, Norhaslinda praised APM’s initiative in conducting this program to train the local community in disaster management.

She emphasized that considering the context of Pangkor Island, the program is particularly pertinent due to its proximity to the beach and the sea.

“I wholeheartedly support this meaningful program for the residents of the Pangkor constituency, enabling them to offer immediate assistance while awaiting the arrival of the authorities.

This program provides training for the community to address emergencies and familiarizes them with disaster management procedures such as landslides and more,” she stated.

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