Yayasan Perak Distributes Food Aid Directly to the People, Targeted Groups

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – Yayasan Perak will independently carry out the distribution of food aid boxes without involving the service centres of opposition representatives in the State Assembly (DUN).

Furthermore, the method of distributing this aid will be improved to ensure that the impoverished and needy receive the assistance they require.

Simultaneously, Yayasan Perak refutes claims that the agency intends to halt the distribution of food boxes in areas represented by opposition representatives.

The Administrative Manager of Yayasan Perak, Mohamad Hidayat Abd Halim, stated that this assistance will be provided irrespective of the area.

He emphasized that they take various complaints seriously, including the act of opening food packages and repackaging them, such as sealing boxes with stickers bearing the logos of political parties.

“There have been complaints of altering the original quantity of food packages and distribution not adhering to set quotas and timeframes.

Repackaging or using different stickers to cover expiration dates can result in recipients receiving expired items,” he said.

As a result, starting next month, Yayasan Perak’s food aid boxes will no longer be distributed through any DUN service centres; instead, they will be distributed directly by Yayasan Perak in cooperation with appointed NGOs.

Yayasan Perak also takes responsibility for ensuring that every food box is distributed to the targeted groups.

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