Turning PVC into Music: The Transformation of Stuntman ‘Faiz Smart Jitsu’

By: Aida Aziz

BATU GAJAH: Half of his life has been dedicated to the adrenaline-pumping world of a stuntman and choreographer, but Mohd Faiz Azmi, 42, is no stranger to fans of action films directed by Osman Ali and Pierre Andre. However, things took a different turn for this native of Bemban, Batu Gajah, when he faced health issues.

Despite health challenges in 2017, he continued his career as a stuntman choreographer. But now, his focus has shifted entirely to crafting Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flutes and busking.

Known by the nickname Faiz Smart Jitsu, Mohd Faiz explained that he chose to produce PVC flutes and busk at Kellie’s Castle due to his passion for it, as well as the support from his late father and father-in-law, both of whom were knowledgeable in wind instruments.

“Previously, I worked in the film industry as a stuntman and choreographer, designing fight scenes for movies. Some of the action films I was involved in include ‘Jiwa Taiko,’ ‘1 Lawan Satu,’ ‘Balun,’ and many more dramas,” he said, reflecting on his career in the field since 2000.

“I had health issues (heart problems), so I had to take a break from the industry,” he mentioned when met at Kellie’s Castle recently.

Discussing his current career as a PVC flute maker and busker, he sees immense potential in this field for income and opportunities. He pointed out that PVC flutes have a special place, especially among international visitors who purchase them and take them back to their home countries.

“One reason I make and sell flutes is that store-bought flutes don’t produce beautiful tones and quality ones can be expensive. So, I started experimenting and trying to produce my flutes,” he said.

“My late father taught me how to make PVC flutes; he was good at math and knew physics. This is essential to ensure the notes are melodious,” he added.

“There are differences between bamboo, wooden, and PVC flutes, each with its uniqueness, but it’s challenging to maintain bamboo and wooden flutes, while PVC is more durable and affordable,” he continued.

As a father of five, he mentioned that 18 different types of flutes are needed to play various kinds of songs for busking.

“There are big flutes and small ones, the only difference being the key. All of them have seven holes, one for blowing and six for notes. The larger the flute, the deeper the bass,” he explained.

When asked about his plans, he shared his intention to expand public awareness about busking while deepening his knowledge in the creative field.

“For now, I’ve taken online classes in contemporary art, which has been quite beneficial. When we talk about busking, people often think of music or singing, but many still don’t understand that it’s a broad genre,” he said.

“Previously, I held flute-making classes here, but on a small scale. After completing my online classes and obtaining a certificate, I intend to take it to a higher level,” he added.

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