Syed Aliff unites the youth of Pangkor through futsal sports

By Zaki Salleh

LUMUT: Sports serve not only as recreational activities but also as a platform to bring communities together.

This was demonstrated in the futsal competition held at the MISA futsal arena, which successfully attracted the participation of over 60 youths, including participants.

The competition was organized by the candidate for the Perak Pangkor Youth Council, Syed Alif Rikiman, with the goal of promoting recreational activities among the youth.

According to Syed Alif Rikiman, the organization of this competition can strengthen the relationships among local youths, especially futsal enthusiasts.

“The participation of young people from various backgrounds, including different political parties, coming together in a sports event,

shows the spirit of harmony among young people, even though they have different political affiliations,” he said when interviewed.

The competition was won by the SEGARI team against Pangkor with a score of 8-6.

Hopefully, in the future, more recreational events will be organized as a healthy activity to strengthen social bonds and make the youth more active.

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