Ipoh’s Future: Mayor’s Pledge to Establish the City as a Premier Limestone Eco-Park Destination

By Rosli Mansor

Ipoh – The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, aspires to establish Ipoh as one of Malaysia’s renowned limestone eco-park cities.

He emphasized that the unique limestone hills surrounding the city should be leveraged as a high-value tourism product.

“Thus far, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) has developed three eco-park areas at the foothills of limestone hills: Gunung Lang, Gunung Masoorat, and Tasek Cermin.

“Furthermore, the state government has approved the declaration of land in several locations in Gunung Rapat, including the cultural village area, to the council as lease-reserved land for ecological development.

“Qing Xing Ling Leisure & Cultural Village is yet another eco-park product developed by a private entity. It is not only situated at the base of the limestone hills but also showcases a diversity of cultural heritage, making it a captivating attraction for tourists,” he stated during a media session after a Meet and Greet with the Mayor of Ipoh at Qing Xing Ling Leisure & Cultural Village.

In the meantime, Rumaizi addressed the issues raised by Taman Saikat residents concerning traffic congestion and safety since the establishment of Qing Xing Ling Cultural Village.

“To address this issue, we hope the construction of an alternative road will be undertaken soon. This alternative road will enable vehicles to bypass the affected residential area. Heavy vehicles like buses can also use this route, and additional parking spaces will be created.

“Regarding safety in the eco-tourism area, limestone expert consultants will provide a certified report every two years, as a prerequisite before land at the limestone hill’s base can be leased to entrepreneurs,” he explained.

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