Public Outcry Over Unsafe Road Conditions

BY: Zaki Salleh

Ipoh – Public anger is brewing due to the precarious state of the Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh Road, particularly near the Batu 9 Chemor cemetery. The road’s condition is jeopardizing the safety of commuters.

This situation arises from an uneven road surface caused by the installation of electrical cables by a contractor, which was not executed to satisfaction.

The gaps in the road ought to have been resealed, but it is believed that the work remains unfinished.

This situation poses a significant danger, particularly for motorcyclists, as well as for drivers who may not be aware of the road’s condition.

If the work is not yet completed, the responsible authorities should have taken the initiative to place warning signs, urging road users to reduce their speed.

This is a standard practice for any roadwork and should not have been neglected.

Nevertheless, it has been reported that the contractor has since resurfaced the road following public complaints.

Any utility company or contractor entrusted with such projects must follow proper safety procedures.

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