Streetlights Near SMK Kampong Pasir Puteh Now Equipped with Protective Covers

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – All the streetlights situated in proximity to the Kampong Pasir Puteh National Secondary School (SMK) that were previously exposed, with wires visibly on display, have now been securely covered.

Gratitude is extended to the authorities for their prompt response following public complaints.

Previously, Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic reported on the condition of these streetlights, raising concerns about potential hazards, particularly to the students.

This is because the poles are positioned right in front of the school, where students cross to get to the other side of the road while coming to and leaving school.

Vandalism may also be a contributing factor, with the metal covers having been removed by irresponsible parties.

This is just one of the locations identified based on public complaints, and there may be similar spots in the neighbouring areas.

Hence, monitoring should be conducted by the relevant authorities, city council members, and even the public to collectively ensure that matters like these are taken seriously.

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