ProChef YMCA Ipoh Cookout Contest Winners Announced

by Anne Das

The much-anticipated moment is here! The winners of the ProChef YMCA Ipoh Cookout Contest 2023 have been revealed at the grand YMCA Charity Dinner – A Night of Pots & Pans. The event, which took place at Super HLT Restaurant, was a night of excitement, entertainment, and culinary celebration.

The program unfolded beautifully, beginning with a warm welcome by emcees Caeser Teh and Judy Lam. The evening was off to an energetic start with a lively YMCA dance performance by Sam & Dancers, setting the stage for a vibrant night.

Reverend Robin offered a graceful prayer to bless the gathering, and the eagerly anticipated seven-course Chinese dinner was served, tantalising the taste buds of all attendees. The K-Pop dance brought a burst of youthful energy to the event, keeping everyone entertained.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Gratitude Speech by Pastor Vincent Sim, which underlined the spirit of community, connection, and giving back. It was a poignant reminder of the meaningful purpose behind this culinary journey.

The journey of the ProChef Cookout Contest was beautifully captured in a video, from its humble beginnings to the intense finals. The video highlighted the passion, dedication, and talent of the contestants who made the competition so special.

As a delightful surprise, the evening featured a remarkable Nanta Performance by Sam Tet Brass Band, who used kitchen utensils to create music. It was an exceptional display of creativity and ingenuity.

Datin Lynette Tan delivered a heartfelt speech and expressed her gratitude, followed by the presentation of Tokens of Appreciation to the esteemed judges. The judges played a pivotal role in evaluating the contestants’ culinary creations throughout the competition.

The stage then saw all contestants being called up to receive well-deserved certificates for their participation, recognizing their efforts and commitment to the art of cooking.

Finally, it was time for the highly anticipated moment when the winners were announced and presented with trophies and mock cheques.

The ProChef 2023 Winner, Leing Ti Wei, claimed the prestigious title and a cash prize of RM6,000. The competition’s 1st Runner-up was awarded to Then Khai Meng, who received a well-deserved RM3,000. The 2nd Runner-up title was shared by two exceptional talents, Low Puen Koon and Kok Jian Ling, who each walked away with RM1,000.

The evening was a harmonious blend of culinary expertise, entertainment, and community spirit, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. As the event concluded, it marked the beginning of a new culinary chapter in Ipoh, where the love for food and the art of cooking continue to thrive.

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