MBI cleans up trash on the roadside, public urged not to litter

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Do not repeat the bad habit of casually dumping trash on the roadside.

There are no longer piles of illegal trash on the roadside of Jalan Pengkalan 2 near Taman Pengkalan Jaya, next to a petrol station and eateries.

The personnel from the Ipoh City Council (MBI) have taken action to clean up the area and have placed warning signs for the public.

Dumping trash there can result in fines of up to RM1,000.

Residents in the nearby housing area also feel relieved now that the location has been cleaned up.

“Previously, the trash piling up was causing concern for the residents, and there was worry about rats breeding in the area.

“Additionally, behind it, there is an overgrown vacant lot,” said private sector worker Meor Ahmad Zainal Ahmad Said.

Yesterday, Peraktastic/Ipoh Echo reported that the public, especially those who eat at nearby eateries, were angered by the behavior of a few individuals who dumped trash there.

Some even disposed of bulk items such as mattresses, besides kitchen waste.

Furthermore, the area had become a stop for garbage trucks, where their workers separated the trash, presumably for recycling, but some of it got scattered on the road before the garbage trucks departed.

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