The residents of Ipoh need to be vigilant in facing heavy rain and storms

By Zaki Salleh
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The recent heavy rain and storm, lasting about two hours, once again caused damage to houses in Ipoh due to strong winds.

The affected areas include Taman Klebang Jaya and Taman Klebang Prima, involving 47 houses.

Some damaged houses are temporarily uninhabitable, posing problems for residents in terms of repair costs.

Despite some areas being spared from strong winds, the persistent heavy rain in Ipoh every evening for the past week raises concerns, especially for potential flash floods in low-lying areas.

The community is advised to be prepared for heavy rain and storms based on the weather forecast, as incidents like flash floods have occurred in the past, causing traffic congestion and damage to homes.

The Meteorological Department predicts continuous heavy rain in Ipoh for the next two weeks, emphasizing the importance of residents and authorities staying alert and prepared for potential incidents.

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