Netizens criticize pulling out whiskers of dead tiger

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Social media & FB Perhilitan

IPOH:The action of removing the whiskers of a dead tiger believed to have been hit by a heavy vehicle is criticized by netizens.

The wild animal was killed by a trailer on the North-South Expressway heading north near Gua Tempurung, close to Gopeng yesterday.

The incident, captured on a video which lasts 24 seconds, went viral on social media since yesterday.

In the video, several local men can be seen removing the believed-to-be-dead tiger’s whiskers by the roadside.

Muhammad Hafiz, a student, said that the striped tiger, though dead, should not be treated in such a way.

“There are beliefs that specific parts of a tiger, when taken, can be used in medicine or other practices.

“In contrast, storing items or parts of animals that have died is considered forbidden.” he said.

Rohaya Mohamed Yoosuf is saddened by those who dared to do so, especially since the tiger is a symbol of national pride.

“It’s such shallow thinking because the tiger is a symbol of our nation. The whiskers of the tiger should be handled with more respect,” she explained.

The Malayan Tiger species, or the striped tiger, is indeed threatened with extinction, as data indicates its population is dwindling at a high level of concern

Based on the findings of the First Tiger Survey conducted from 2016 to 2020, the current estimated population of the Malayan Tiger is less than 200.

The striped tiger is expected to vanish within five to ten years, especially with the issue of human-tiger conflicts arising as these wild animals leave their habitats in search of food due to deforestation.

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