Mural Artwork Gift from PUO Volunteers and to Kampung Tonggang Community

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The Polytechnic Ungku Omar Student Representative Council (MPP PUO) has collaborated with PLUS Malaysia Berhad to carry out community activities in Kampung Tonggang here.

The program has successfully strengthened the relationship between PUO students, the Kampung Tonggang community, and the organizers.

One of the activities involved creating a mural in front of the Nurul Hikmah Orang Asli Religious Primary School. Given its proximity to the school and the ideas provided by PLUS, volunteers committed two days to complete the mural.

Mohd Yusuf Abdul Aziz, the Patron of the PLUS Community Day 2023, expressed appreciation for PUO’s commitment to executing the planned activities.

“PLUS, together with the Orang Asli community, is very satisfied with the contributions made. The objective of the mural is to convey information in a graphic form about road safety, especially for schoolchildren, villagers, and the local community. This idea also brightens up the location,” he said.

The Coordinator of MPP PUO, Mohd Fadil Abdullah, also expressed gratitude to PLUS for the involvement of students, which enhances their experience and skills in community projects.

In addition, students have the opportunity to boost teamwork spirit and leadership qualities that significantly impact community life.

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