‘Talam Set’ at RM60.00, Adding Festivity to Visit Perak 2024

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

The uniqueness and delectability of Perak Malay cuisine not only revolves around its preparation but also influences the customs and culture that have been preserved through the ages.

From the richness of Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin to the aromatic Rendang Tok infused with a blend of spices, these traditional culinary treasures hold various secrets.

Recently, Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic had the opportunity to rediscover the traditional Malay cuisine heritage of Perak, passed down from generation to generation at Hotel Casuarina@Meru.

Sabrina Ahmad Tah, the General Manager of Hotel Casuarina@Meru, stated that the ‘Talam Set’ promotion commenced in September 2023 and will continue throughout 2024 in conjunction with Visit Perak 2024 (VP2024).

“The ‘Talam Set’ combines various traditional dishes of the Perak state, such as Patin Fish Cooked in Tempoyak (fermented durian filling), Rendang Tok, Sambal Tempoyak with Tapioca Shoots and Anchovies, Preserved Loma Fish, Sambal Petai Squid, Snakehead Fish Curry, Black Cooked Meat, Fried Comb Tooth Mushroom with Fern Shoots, Spicy Beef Rendang, Jackfruit Coconut Milk Stew, and traditional village ‘Ulam’ (Malay Salad) such as Jering, Petai, and more.

“In addition, traditional Perak desserts are also served to sweeten the palate, including Kuih Limas, Kuih Cecemek, Bubur Anak Lebah, Puteri Mandi, and many more.

“This ‘Talam Set’ promotion is priced at RM60.00 nett and is served for two people. This set is also available at Hotel Casuarina Kuala Kangsar and Pulau Pangkor,” she said.

Furthermore, she added that various more special menus will be introduced in the future, tailored to different regions in Perak, including Laksa Mee, Mee Udang, Banana Young Shoots Meat Curry, Snail Gulai, Comb Tooth Mushroom Omelette, and many more.

Meanwhile, Perak Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, praised the management initiative of Hotel Casuarina@Meru in showcasing the culinary and cultural heritage of Perak, which has the potential to attract tourists during VPY2024.

“This promotion provides a local and international audience with an opportunity to experience the unique flavours of Perak Malay traditional cuisine, elevating Perak to a primary culinary tourism destination in Malaysia.

“We believe that the uniqueness of Perak’s culinary heritage has the potential to further elevate the traditional food heritage and culture of the Perak state,” he said after officiating the Traditional Perak Food Promotion at Hotel Casuarina@Meru, yesterday.

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