Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Set to Be Upgraded into a Regional Airport

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

BATU GAJAH: Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (LTSAS), as it stands, may not be suitable for accommodating large aircraft such as the Boeing 777, but it is deemed more suitable for smaller planes like the Airbus 320.

Loh Sze Yee, the Chairman of the State Tourism, Industry, Investment, and Corridor Development Committee, expressed the state government’s proposal to elevate LTSAS into a regional airport.

“While many believe that long-haul flights yield substantial benefits, as seen with Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas, let it be under their management. Constructing a new airport in Sri Iskandar would undoubtedly be a lengthy process, spanning years. Therefore, it is prudent to upgrade the existing infrastructure, prioritizing enhanced facilities.

“The state government plans to add more routes, but the final approval must come from Putrajaya. We hope for a positive response from the Federal Government soon.

“We have engaged in discussions with various tourism stakeholders, including those from Thailand. Consequently, we propose to Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad to transform it into a regional airport, with a focus on routes within the Asian region,” he told reporters at the Silverlake Village Outlet recently.

Previously, Loh stated that the state government aimed to increase direct international flights to boost foreign tourist arrivals, aligning with Visit Perak Year 2024.

However, the ministry is currently concentrating on enhancing the existing airport in Ipoh.

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