Public servants in Perak to receive a two-month salary bonus, with payments scheduled December 20th

By Zaki Salleh
Photo MBI

IPOH: More than 7,800 state civil servants in Perak will receive Special Financial Assistance (BKK) equivalent to two months’ salary, to be paid on December 20.

This was announced by the Perak Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad, during the presentation of the Perak State Budget 2024 at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) today.

Saarani stated that the payment would also be extended to state government Exco members, Ex-Officio, all appointed state teachers, District Chiefs, and daily wage workers.

“The state government always highly appreciates the service and commitment of civil servants as the backbone of government administration.

“In appreciation of their unwavering dedication in carrying out assigned duties, I hereby announce the provision of BKK at the rate of two months’ salary to all civil servants under the state government’s administration,” he said.

He further explained that this assistance would also be extended to all village chiefs appointed before December 15, 2023, at a rate of RM400 each.

Saarani had earlier presented the Perak State Budget 2024 themed ‘Prosperous Perak, Prosperous People,’ amounting to RM1.35 billion, the largest in the state’s history.

It includes development expenditure of RM491.0 million (36.5%) and operational expenditure of RM856.0 million (63.5%).

Of the total operational expenditure, emolument spending amounts to RM404.3 million, services and supplies (RM316.7 million), asset purchases (RM15.3 million), grants and fixed payments (RM113.8 million), and other expenses (RM5.9 million).

The implementation of this budget is planned based on estimated development revenue and receipts of RM1.28 billion.

This total consists of tax revenue of RM657.7 million, non-tax revenue of RM392.2 million, non-revenue receipts of RM192.6 million, and development receipts of RM37.0 million.

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