Public servants are reminded to use assistance funds wisely, and don’t forget to save

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Penerangan Perak

IPOH: The Financial Special Assistance (BKK) equivalent to two months’ salary for state civil servants in Perak, including daily wage workers, is considered a token of appreciation for the state’s workforce.

The payment, scheduled for December 20, is intended to allow civil servants to plan their expenditures. Some civil servants, when interviewed, mentioned that they plan to spend the money judiciously, including saving a portion of it.

Megat Azhar Megat Marzuki, an employee of a local authority, wishes to advise others to be cautious when spending this money.

He said that the BKK (Financial Special Assistance) is like surplus money from the state government, urging civil servants to save it rather than spend it freely.

“For those with families, this money can be used for preparations, considering the school term opening date and the beginning of Ramadan.

“The received assistance, though modest, will be utilized to support the family and cover expenses,” he said.

Agreeing with that perspective, Sharifah Alisya Zulaikha Syed Ahmad also mentioned that she intends to save a portion of the received BKK for future use.

As a mother of three school-going children, she highlighted the substantial expenses during school reopening and upcoming festive seasons.

“I’ve been saving since last year for my children’s education and celebrating festivals, so this BKK money is considered savings.

“I want to advise others to be mindful and not spend recklessly,” she said.

For Mohamad Zakuan Adha Mohd Ibrahim, despite being single, he remains mindful of saving the BKK money.

He mentioned that he will continue his regular spending using his monthly salary, while the BKK funds will be saved within an investment scheme.

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