Enforcement officers PBT use body cameras to avoid any issues during operations

By Aida Aziz
Photo Pejabat Exco Yb Sandrea

IPOH: The use of body cameras by local authority enforcement officers (PBT) is currently under consideration, stated Chairperson of the State Housing and Local Government Committee Perak, Sandrea Ng Shy Ching.

She emphasized that the proposal is crucial for increasing transparency and ensuring the rights and interests of both enforcement officers and the public are protected.

“The state government is contemplating the use of body cameras for PBT enforcement officers during their enforcement activities.

“This includes operations such as capturing stray animals, conducting business license inspections, and monitoring issues related to illegal dumping as part of new standard operating procedures,” she told reporters on Thursday.

She added that the recorded evidence could promptly assist in addressing any issues that may arise during enforcement processes.

Meanwhile, addressing the viral issue regarding allegations that the Ipoh City Council (MBI) captured dogs by choking them without using nets, she took the complaint seriously.

She stated that complaints about stray dogs are frequently received and PBT takes serious action as it involves public safety and tranquility.

However, MBI, in a statement, explained that the dog capture operation was based on seven complaints related to dogs from different complainants but at the same location.

“Referring to the Facebook complaint about MBI enforcement officers conducting a dog capture operation in distress in the Lahat Mines area on December 5, the dog capture was carried out under the powers specified in the Small Dog Licensing Ordinance.

“The procedure in the dog capture process, as outlined, involves using two different tools: a net and a slipknot. For capturing dogs in public places, MBI will use a net to trap the dog, allowing time for the dog to struggle until it weakens and calms down,” said the statement.

The statement further mentioned that the slipknot would be used to transfer the dog from the net to a cage to facilitate the process and ensure the dog is inside the cage before releasing the slipknot and closing the cage door simultaneously.

“The dog will not die or be injured during this process, and it is the best and safest way for now.

“The captured dogs from this operation have been moved from the complaint area to the temporary MBI storage facility in Lahat. All rescued dogs are now in good condition in the enclosure,” said the statement.

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