Strict Measures to Tighten Tourist Boat Operator Licenses for Public Safety

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Social Media

IPOH: Strengthening enforcement aspects, including licenses for tourist boat operators in Teluk Batik, Lumut, is a crucial step to ensure visitor safety.

In connection with that, the steps taken by the state authorities in this matter are strongly supported.

Pangkor State Assembly Member, Norhaslinda Zakaria, stated that she raised the matter during the State Assembly Session to seek clarification.

She said that the statement given by the Housing and Local Government Exco, Sandrea Ng, needs attention.

“According to her written response, the Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) has immediately ordered the cessation of the involved operators until the activity license is revoked from the date of the incident.

“MPM has also issued safety directive notices to all operators and notifications to temporarily cease operations during the investigation period,” she said.

Furthermore, he stated that stricter conditions will be imposed on tourist boat license applications in Perak, which will be thoroughly reviewed in collaboration with local authorities (PBT) and the Marine Department..

“I was also informed that the investigation file has been referred to the Deputy State Prosecutor on November 24 for examination and court prosecution,” she said.

In the incident on August 28, a female tourist lost her life after the boat, carrying eight others, capsized at Teluk Batik Beach.

This is not the first occurrence, as there have been previous incidents of tourist boats driven recklessly, endangering beachgoers.

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