Hospital Fatimah Celebrates 50 Glorious Years of Healthcare and Community Service

by Anne Das

In Ipoh, Hospital Fatimah stands as a symbol of dedication, compassion, and unparalleled excellence in healthcare. As we usher in 2024, this revered institution embarks on a year-long celebration, culminating on 7th December, marking its 50th anniversary—a significant milestone that resonates not only within the hospital’s legacy but throughout the broader community.

Hospital Fatimah admitted its first patient on 1st August 1974 and was officially declared open by His Royal Highness The Late Sultan of Perak, DYMM Sultan Idris Shah on 7th December 1974

The journey of Hospital Fatimah traces back to its inception in 1974, a vision brought to life by the Brothers of Mercy. From its humble beginnings, where it was affectionately dubbed “The German Doctors,” to its present stature as a leading healthcare institution, Hospital Fatimah has always been synonymous with compassionate care.

This year, the hospital has curated an array of programs to commemorate its golden jubilee, each echoing its unwavering commitment to the community. One of the flagship initiatives includes Community Health Promotions, where the hospital will be offering special promotions on medical check-ups and consultations, emphasising the importance of preventive care.

The Launch of the 50 Years Anniversary Celebrations (L-R) Bro. Ambrose Heng, Chairman, Board of Directors Hospital Fatimah, His Eminence Cardinal Sebastian Francis  &  Mr. Anthony Louis.

Furthermore, the Free Educational Workshops aim to empower the community with knowledge on various health topics, ensuring informed decisions about well-being. For those in underserved areas, the Medical Camps will extend essential healthcare services, reminiscent of the early days when the Brothers of Mercy travelled in mobile dispensary vans to reach villagers.

Collaborating with local charities, Hospital Fatimah’s Charity Initiatives spotlight its commitment to community service. These efforts resonate deeply with the hospital’s motto: “STRENGTH IN PURPOSE, GENTLE IN ACTION.” The motto, as aptly highlighted by His Eminence Cardinal Sebastian Francis, encapsulates the essence of Hospital Fatimah’s service, which extends love, respect, and compassion to all, irrespective of background.

(Centre) His Eminence Cardinal Sebastian Francis
(From Left to Right) Board of Directors of Hospital Fatimah:
Fr. Michael Cheah | Dr. Keh Song Aik | Dr. S.S. Gill | Bro. Ambrose Heng | Brother Thomas Chia | Mr. Albert Lim | Sr. Ter Lei | Ms. Gwen Ng | Dato’ Domnic Selvam

Speaking on the significance of the 50th anniversary, His Eminence Cardinal Sebastian Francis remarked, “With this launch, we commemorate not just the establishment of a hospital but a legacy of care that has touched countless lives. Hospital Fatimah stands as a sanctuary of compassion, thanks to the dedication of the Brothers of Mercy and the unwavering support of the community.”

As the year unfolds, the Upgrading of the Physiotherapy Department and the Opening of a Refurbished Ward promise to elevate patient care standards. The hospital also plans Staff Appreciation Events to honour the dedicated individuals who have been the backbone of its success.

Mr. Anthony Louis, a stalwart of Hospital Fatimah’s Radiology Department for 47 years, stands alongside (R) Susan Lim, Community Development Exec, and (L) Medical Director Dr. Jeyanthi Vengadasalam, during the 50th-anniversary celebration.

As Hospital Fatimah embarks on this year-long celebration, it invites the community, past and present staff, and well-wishers to join in the festivities.

The 50th anniversary is a celebration of our rich history and a vision for what lies ahead, echoing His Eminence’s sentiments: “As we embark on this year-long celebration, let hope be our guide, aligning with the Hospital’s unwavering commitment to healing and care”.

Here’s to 50 years of Hospital Fatimah’s legacy and the promise of many more to come.

For more information on the 50th-anniversary programs, visit their official website @

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