Untapped Potential: The Overlooked Historical Significance of Kampar’s Battle Site

By Zaki Salleh

KAMPAR: Today, Green Ridge stands as the sole battleground of World War II in Kampar, still bearing traces despite being abandoned in the wilderness for 82 years.

However, being privately owned poses challenges for any restoration efforts, requiring approval from the landowner.

In an alternative approach, the independent historical research organization, Malaya Historical Group, has initiated the construction of a commemorative monument at Kampar National Secondary School (SMK).

The school grounds were a significant part of the intense battles fought during the final days of the Kampar Battle from December 30, 1941, to January 2, 1942.

During the Japanese invasion from the west, the school area was penetrated, and the adjacent hill housed  troops defending the region against the Japanese onslaught.

Hence, the Kampar battle site should be promoted as a tourism product due to its historical significance in the annals of Perak.

Resident Mohamad Jamil Zakaria suggests that Tourism Perak consider incorporating the location as a must-visit destination.

“The area has long been proposed as a tourist attraction due to its historical battle, but it seems to go unnoticed. Even though there are no remnants here, a well-curated gallery showcasing old war-era photographs, maps, and military equipment would undoubtedly make it an appealing site,” he remarked.

Sharing a similar perspective, Hasanudin Hassan believes it would be a missed opportunity if the Kampar battle story is not elevated as a tourism product.

“Beyond recreational areas, waterfalls, and dining spots, historical sites like Kampar possess their own allure. Don’t limit tourism attractions to food and beaches, as areas with historical remnants have unique stories behind them,” he emphasized.

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