Restructuring of Council Members’ Appointments in Local Authorities Underway

By: Zaki Saleh

IPOH – The state government is taking steps to reorganize the appointments of Council Members in local authorities (PBT) set to expire on February 25.

Perak has 15 local authorities, where the appointment of Council Members is chosen among political parties aligned with the government. Each appointment is a nominee put forth by respective parties.

Sandrea Ng, the State Executive Councillor for Housing and Local Government in Perak, stated that they have received feedback on the evaluations from all local authorities. However, the final decision-making process is still ongoing.

“In general, the evaluations made so far are positive, with no major issues identified. There may not be many changes needed, as it depends on the respective parties whether they propose alterations or otherwise,” she said.

According to Sandrea, the reorganization of appointments for new Council Members is necessitated by the fact that the appointments are only for a one-year term.

“In this round of appointments, we aim to organize them effectively to avoid any gaps between new and existing Council Members. An evaluation committee will reassess all achievements made, serving as a benchmark for determining the retention or replacement of Council Member candidates,” she explained.

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