Residents Urge for Repairs to Deteriorating Taman Silibin Flats

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Silibin – The Taman Silibin flats, appearing increasingly dilapidated and posing a threat to residents’ safety, urgently require repair.

One resident, Nor Suraya Sakunthala Abdullah, 53, implores the authorities to assist in refurbishing the affected flats.

“The condition of these flats is extremely deteriorated and old. I hope the authorities step in to help restore these flats, including repainting, repairing damages, and cleaning up the surrounding rubbish.

“On the fourth floor, most units are vacant. Overgrown vegetation can contribute to the breeding of mosquitoes and venomous animals.

“Even from a distance, one can see that these flats are aged and in poor condition. Fortunately, they are situated a bit away from the city centre; otherwise, it would tarnish the cityscape,” she said.

These flats gained media coverage following the story of Miram Kadir, 77, and her son Erwan Dahari, 46, residing on the fourth floor in dire and pitiful conditions.

Nor Suraya Sakunthala, 53, is one of the concerned neighbours who has been assisting the family since last year.

“What I eat is what I share with them because my intention is only to help within my means.

“I am very happy and grateful that the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) and the Perak Chief Minister came down to assist this family.

“It is indeed time for them to be relocated and receive the necessary support.

“What I have been helping with is my responsibility as a neighbour, and considering the aunty is elderly and her son is facing life pressures, I hope their lives will be better and secured after this,” she told Ipoh Echo and Peraktastic.

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