Wound Concerns?

Klinik Abby's Expertise Ensures Effective Healing

by Anne Das

In Ipoh, a significant player in healthcare is actively revolutionising wound care for the elderly.

Klinik Abby, under the guidance of the experienced Dr. Abeejit Singh Gill (MD), serves as a dedicated Amputation Prevention Centre, focusing on addressing the unique challenges faced by seniors dealing with chronic wounds.

Dr. Abeejit Singh Gill (MD), with 15 years of expertise in Plastic Surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, overseeing comprehensive wound care solutions

As we age, the physiological changes that accompany the ageing process extend to the skin, leaving it more fragile and susceptible to complications. Dr. Abeejit highlights the intricacies of wound care for seniors, where the thinning of the skin, weakened bones, and muscles contribute to prolonged healing times and an increased vulnerability to infections. This biological shift elucidates why wounds, which may swiftly heal in younger individuals, present lingering challenges in the elderly.

Located in the Medan Istana area, Klinik Abby distinguishes itself as a centre focused on advanced wound care and overall health. Dr. Abeejit, fondly known as Abby, brings forth 15 years of expertise in Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Burns, and Skin Grafting. This wealth of experience forms the foundation of his comprehensive approach to wound management, with a particular emphasis on preventing amputations through early intervention.

Dr. Abby, assessing patients’ blood supply and deciding on method of wound closure.

Klinik Abby takes pride in offering a range of surgical services, with a specific focus on advanced wound care. The clinic excels in addressing conditions prevalent in the elderly, such as Diabetic Wounds, Infected Wounds, and Burn Wounds, providing tailored interventions for each.

When to Seek Professional Assistance:

Recognizing signs of infection becomes imperative for the elderly community. Indicators such as increased redness and swelling, severe pain, grey fluid drainage, fever, or red streaks near the cut necessitate immediate attention.

Dr. Abeejit stresses the importance of early detection and prompt treatment, emphasising that any non-healing wound, regardless of size, should not be ignored. Seeking medical attention, especially in the presence of swelling, redness, or pain, becomes a proactive step towards optimal recovery.

An elderly patient receiving compassionate care and specialised treatment at Klinik Abby, ensuring effective healing for every age.

The rise in chronic wounds among the elderly is a growing concern. Klinik Abby addresses this challenge by providing early intervention and outpatient treatment. The clinic’s dedicated team offers comprehensive care, including regular foot exams, education on foot care, and coordination with various specialists.

By fostering awareness, understanding wound care nuances, and promoting timely intervention, we can collectively contribute to better health outcomes, particularly for our elderly members.

The Treatment room at Klinik Abby fully equipped with surgical equipment and advanced dressing materials.

As Klinik Abby opens its doors to the community, Dr. Abeejit’s encourages everyone with wounds that don’t seem to heal to seek medical attention early to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Klinik Abby
Address          :42, Medan Istana, Bandar Ipoh Raya, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Contact           : 014-212 1081
For more info about their treatments, check out their website:-

Let’s embrace this hub of wound care excellence in our community and ensure that, when it comes to healing, no one is left behind.

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