Maching Cultural Sport Club Welcomed Visitors

by KT Leong

With Chinese New Year (CNY) almost upon us, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ipoh, alongside Malaysia Entrepreneur’s Development Association (PUMM), held a fascinating visit to Persatuan Sukan Dan Kebudayaan Maching (Maching Cultural Sport Club), Ipoh, as mentioned previously here.

While the Maching Cultural Sport Club holds free lessons on the weekends, this was the first such visit that they’ve had to their premises.

Amongst the resistance training and other equipment placed on the floor, members of JCI Ipoh, PUMM and assorted participants sat in a circle as members of the club explained the history and activities of the club. For instance, over the years, they’ve trained as many as 10 schools in Lion Dancing. As mentioned, they provide free lessons, so when asked on how they could maintain their premises, they gave thanks to the sponsors who supported them.

They explained the history and significance of the lions’ colours and designs, such as the black lion representing the legendary general Zhang Fei, from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and joked how gangsters used to treat these designs as their emblems.

A tour was given for the lions, dragons and other props in their premises, including the ones equipped with LED and other gimmicks.

The participants were given an impromptu performance, which was totally improvised. They explained that for competition purposes, each member would know precisely what to do and when to do it, but for an improvised performance, they would look to the drummer to lead the performance.

After that, the participants got to try out the musical instruments as well as a lion. The lion was notable for its well thought out design. It was light, with a well built inner frame, with pulleys for the eyes and ears which were suitable for both right and left handers.

It was a fun, educational and quite enlightening visit, leading up to CNY.

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