Ramadan Buffet: Citarasa Warisan Melayu Offered at Low Prices in Ipoh

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

As the fasting month approaches, many seek out affordable Ramadan buffet deals that fit their budgets.

The Ramadan buffet, ‘Citarasa Warisan Melayu’ at TT Events & Hall on Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, running from March 12 to April 7, 2024, is touted as the ‘Rahmah Ramadan Buffet’, offering the lowest prices around Ipoh.

Tina Tajuddin, Executive Chairman of TT Group, stated that the inaugural Ramadan buffet would showcase the traditional ‘Citarasa Warisan Melayu’ concept.

“A total of 40 menu items will be served, including the popular Ipoh Grilled Lamb and ‘Gulai Kawah’, ensuring to satisfy visitors’ palates.

“In addition, we are also opening opportunities for any company or individual interested in sponsoring iftar gatherings with orphans or the needy. We offer a special price of RM50.00 per head.

“So far, we have identified 10 orphanages to facilitate any party interested in sponsoring Ramadan iftar events here,” she said at the Ramadan Buffet Launch Event @TT Hall, here today.

Aside from providing comfort to visitors, Tina also mentioned that prayer facilities are provided, such as a prayer room and a prayer hall on the upper floor, capable of accommodating more than 100 people.

“This Ramadan buffet overall can accommodate up to 400 people, including 250 people in the hall space.

“At the same time, an Aidil Fitri Bazaar will also be held outside the buffet hall. A total of 20 tents will be set up with a rental of RM20.00 per day.

“Various goods and products such as festive cookies and trending items will be sold at the Aidil Fitri Bazaar. We will also organize a fashion show to provide a different experience for visitors while enlivening the atmosphere,” she said.

The promotional ‘Early Bird’ prices are RM59.90 (regular price RM65.90) for adults and RM49.90 (regular price RM59.90) for children aged 4-12 and seniors aged 60 and above.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Wani (019-643 3548) and Faiz (017 323 2631).

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