Media Feedback Essential for Perak State Government – Chief Minister

By: Zaki Salleh
Foto: SUK

IPOH: Media reports, whether positive or critical, are crucial feedback channels for state governments, representing the voice of the people.

Such reports aid state governments in assessing and enhancing the implementation of policies and programs.

The Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, emphasized the significance of the media’s role, highlighting that effective communication between the media and the government facilitates public involvement in state development.

He stated that the media serves as the best conduit for receiving feedback from the populace.

“For me, the media isn’t merely a strategic partner but plays a pivotal role in ensuring the principle of ‘check and balance’ remains integral to the governance journey.

“You’re not just narrators of my story but constructive critics, connectors with the people, and most importantly, the conscience of society.

“In other words, the media provides a platform for airing critical views and constructive ideas to facilitate improvements in governance.

“I firmly believe that a good government remains open to constructive criticism and feedback,” he added.


These remarks were made during a dinner event at the Perak Media Awards ceremony at the SUK Banquet Hall last night.

The event aimed to acknowledge the contributions of media personnel and agencies, along with presenting awards for outstanding news coverage and reports.

It was attended by several State Government Exco members and senior officials from Perak state government agencies.

This event holds particular significance as it marks the first time the state government has recognized the hard work and dedication of media personnel through the Perak Media Awards.

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