Motorcycle Lane on Victoria Bridge Threatens Visitors’ Safety

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Enggor, Kuala Kangsar – The motorcycle lane on Victoria Bridge is said to pose a danger to the public, especially tourists.

Mohd Azmin Mohamad Amar, 39, a visitor from Kuala Lumpur, expressed concerns about the safety of those visiting Victoria Bridge due to the motorcycle lane crossing the bridge, which could lead to accidents.

“While I was visiting the middle part of this bridge to admire the view of the Perak River, I was startled by the roar of motorcycles speeding across this lane,” he said.

“I observed several visitors taking photos and hastily moving towards the railway track because suddenly motorcycles were crossing without warning. Some had to retreat quickly to save themselves.

“I am unsure whether this lane is intended for motorcycles or pedestrians. This is very dangerous for visitors because several motorcycles are ridden at high speeds without regard for the public on the path,” he added, accompanied by his family.

Victoria Bridge, also known as Enggor Bridge spanning the Perak River, was built in 1897.

This historic bridge is one of the oldest railway bridges in Malaysia and has become a tourist attraction in Kuala Kangsar.

Mohd Azmin further emphasized that the authorities should reassess safety measures for tourists visiting the bridge.

“Tourists are at risk of accidents, especially children, and it is most concerning if it happens to foreign tourists.

“In my opinion, it is better to close this lane to vehicles to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors,” he concluded.

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