Oil pollution detected contaminating Teluk Nipah beach

By Zaki Salleh
Photo Yb Norhaslinda

PANGKOR: Oil pollution has been detected along Teluk Nipah beach, tarnishing the tourism area.

The effects of the pollution believed to be carried by the waves can be observed along the coastline.

Pangkor State Assembly Member, Norhaslinda Zakaria, said that she visited the beach to observe the actual situation.

According to her, the review was conducted following complaints received from the public regarding the oil pollution.

“My office has received complaints from the public regarding the black oil pollution along Teluk Nipah Pangkor Beach.

“Many external visitors have been affected by this oil pollution.

“Even when I was on-site, many complained that oil had adhered to their feet, hands, and some were even affected while bathing,” she said.

The situation not only affects the beauty of the beach but is also feared to have harmful effects on visitors if the spill contains chemical substances.

In this regard, Norhaslinda has extended the matter to relevant agencies.

She also hopes that prompt action will be taken.

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