Ramadan: Mama’s ‘Salted Egg’ Bubur Lambuk Craze

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: Salted egg bubur lambuk (a type of rice porridge) made by Wan Noorashikin Noran, is often eagerly awaited as Ramadan approaches.

The figure, affectionately addressed as ‘mama’ said that her recipe creation came about after several attempts of trying out various versions of bubur lambuk.

The creation of the recipe also stemmed from the significant flood event that hit the country in 2012, alongside the beginning of her charity work up until now.

Wan Noorashikin, who now serves as the Chairperson of the Perak State Women’s Welfare Organization, said that the bubur lambuk is prepared every Ramadan with funds from her friends and acquaintances.

Subsequently, it will be distributed to suitable locations, including welfare homes, homes for the elderly, and mosques.

“In 2012, a major flood occurred in Kelantan and Temerloh. At that time, I started my charity work. I went there with donated rice and kitchen supplies from the public.

“The donated goods filled up an entire train carriage. When we arrived at the disaster site, they asked me to make ‘bubur lambuk’ and other dishes for the flood victims,” she said.

Regarding the uniqueness of this bubur lambuk,  it is coated with salted eggs cracked into the pot before the porridge is cooked.

“During Ramadan, we mobilize kitchen supplies assistance and distribute porridge.

“Besides that, I open a fund for prayer garments to be placed in selected mosques. Since 2012, the public response to this fund project has been very good.

“Usually, I will open a fund or collect donations from friends and acquaintances only on my status and Whatsapp groups. That way there are no issues of misappropriation of funds, and so on,” she said when met at her9 residence.

She said that cooking porridge is usually done collectively with members of the organization, friends and neighbors.

Sharing the recipe for bubur lambuk, she said that among the main ingredients needed are rice, meat, or chicken (meat choice tastes sweeter).

Furthermore, dried shrimp and anchovies (essential ingredients) are ground, along with garlic, shallots, ginger, ‘sup bunjut’ (a type of herb), salted eggs, lemongrass, pandan leaves, radish, black pepper (if desired), coconut milk, and pickled radish.

“There are actually many versions of ‘bubur lambuk,’ according to individual tastes. I make what I feel tastes good to eat.

“Some people add boiled and sliced salted eggs when serving, but I incorporate the salted eggs (with the yolks cut into small pieces) into the dish before the porridge thickens.

“The result is that   porridge will be coated with the salted eggs so the taste is different and uniquely rich,” she added.

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