Garbage Vigilante: Stubbornly littering in prohibited areas

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The more it’s forbidden, the more it’s thrown away.

That’s the painful sight seen on Jalan Pengkalan Barat 32 near the exit road from AEON Station 18.

This hidden road has become a place where uncivil individuals dispose of trash on the roadside.

Although there are warning signs prohibiting littering placed by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), those with shallow intellect pretend not to know when they behave stubbornly.

For them, the prohibition means nothing and is not feared at all, even though the warning carries a fine of RM1,000.

Moreover, litterbugs can also be fined RM2,000 or imprisoned for six months for their dirty behavior.

Resident Edwin Tan said he was puzzled by the behavior of a handful of individuals who do not understand the law when dumping rubbish in prohibited areas.

He said MBI officers had also cleaned up the trash there many times before it recurred.

“In social media, many say that MBI does not do rubbish collection work, but we residents here have a problem with people who litter.

“We don’t know whether it’s the residents who litter or others because this road is hidden,” he said.

Trader Chan Wan Lin, on the other hand, expressed anger because some people took the easy way out by turning the roadside into a dumping ground.

Moreover, he had seen individuals in luxury vehicles stopping their cars before throwing trash there.

“There are already warning signs prohibiting littering, but why be stubborn? I would like it if people like this were fined heavily to make them realize their mistakes,” he requested.

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