Ramadan Buffet Dinner 2024: MH Hotel Offers Low Prices with a Variety of Three-Culture Delicacies

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

“Lowest prices, luxurious variety of dishes, delicious and high-quality,” said one visitor of Ramadan Buffet Dinner 2024 (RBD2024) at MH Hotel.

Ahmad Zariani Harun, 50, added that he was surprised by the offer of prices as low as RM58.80 (adults) and RM51.80 (children/senior citizens), considering the diverse array of flavours.

“For fans of roasted lamb, this is your choice. Similarly, the taste of Arabian Rice with Mint Yogurt Flavor is just like in Middle Eastern countries prepared by internationally experienced chefs.

“I am also excited about the aroma of the Traditional Lamb Bone Soup, which should be tried and turns out to be very delicious and unique.

“The price charged is indeed extraordinary compared to the various lamb-based menus. It seems that MH Hotel is not only focused on profit but also visitor satisfaction,” said he, who has 29 years of experience as a chef.

Meanwhile, Chef Zulkanai, also known as Chef Joe, said RBD2024 combines the flavours of three cultures: Malay, Chinese, and Indian.

“This year, we present Arabian Rice with a more Middle Eastern flavour and Roasted Lamb with Mint Yogurt, Black Pepper Sauce & Tamarind Soup.

“Traditional Lamb Bone Soup, Lamb Curry with Smoked Meat and Beef Bone Soup with Potato are among the main menus that should not be missed,” he said.

He further stated that 48 types of dishes would be served. This three-culture concept is sure to satisfy the tastes of various ethnicities.

“Most importantly, the prices charged are ‘Rahmah Prices’ for all layers of society in this Ramadan month,” said he, who has previously worked in Dubai, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact 05-545 1000 / 019 550 9088 / 013 512 2988 / 013 523 2288 / 019 452 6688.

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