Electric pole’s wires remain exposed and still no action

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH : After being reported for five days, no action has been taken on the electric pole with some of its wires exposed on Pasir Putih Road leading to Station 18

Is this matter not considered dangerous or has it been acknowledged but is awaiting appropriate timing for action?

Exposed electric pole wires can pose a danger to the public, especially during heavy rain.

Perhaps it is not perceived as such by the responsible parties because there have been no incidents so far.

Not only that, but there is also a location where the ground wires are exposed

All of this can be seen by road users passing through this road.

The question is, is the condition of uncovered electric poles considered normal by those responsible for maintaining these facilities?

Road user, Lukmanul Hakim, believes that the condition of the uncovered electric pole needs attention.

He said he often sees members of the public crossing the road there and standing near the electric pole.

“Don’t wait until it becomes a headline news due to accidents for everyone to take action,” he said.

Mior Osman Mior Rosdi also voiced concerns.

He wants the authorities to inspect the area to determine whether it is safe or not, and to ensure that the electric poles are covered.

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