Encourage Muay Thai sports activities in schools

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Wat Kamal Abascoforuntry

TAIPING: Schools in Taiping are encouraged to establish Muay Thai Clubs  for students interested in participating in this sport.

So far, 16 schools nationwide have established Muay Thai Clubs.

Deputy Minister of Education, Wong Kah Woh, said that Muay Thai is a new sport and is very popular among young people.

He said that for this reason, his department supports promoting the sport in schools.

“Students who participate in this sport will receive recognition in championships, which can be part of their co-curricular marks for performance evaluation purposes.

“Muay Thai has become an attraction for students, and the involvement of 16 schools is just the beginning,” he said.

He stated this at a press conference for the Malaysia International Muay Championship (MIMAC) 2024 at Taiping Mall here.

He added that besides Muay Thai, there are also other mainstream sports in schools as part of co-curricular activities.

Meanwhile, the MIMAC 2024 championship, held for three days at Dataran Warisan Taiping starting Friday, is part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Taiping Heritage City.

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