25 officers, 5 police personnel JKDNKA complete parachute training course

By Zaki Salleh

Photo: Komando 69

TAIPING: Skydiving training for security forces is different from recreational skydiving training.

While both involve learning theory and practical exercises before jumps, training for security forces is tougher as it stresses physical and mental endurance.

Unlike recreational skydiving training, which typically takes two to three days, basic training for security forces lasts for a month.

This was experienced by 25 officers and 5 police personnel from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety Department (JKDNKA) who participated in the Basic Tactical Parachuting Course (ATPT) JKDNKA 2024.

The course was conducted by the 69 Commando Training Branch in collaboration with the Pasukan Gerakan Udara (PGU).

This month-long course consisted of two phases.

The first phase involved ground training covering flying techniques, landing, Harnest Release and Dragging (HRND), and parachute fitting.

The final phase included actual jumps at Tekah Taiping Airport from June 3 to June 11.

Participants successfully completed jumps according to the standards of the 69 Commando training to qualify for the parachutist wing insignia.

At the end of the course, Inspector (Insp) Salahudin Shawal Hamid from Battalion (BN) 2 PGA was named the overall best participant.

Meanwhile, Insp Syazwan Shafiq Hasnul Hadi from BN 4 PGA emerged as the best academic participant, and Insp Mohd Asrol bin Adnan from BN 7 PGA was chosen as the best physical participant.

The parachutist wings and course certificates were presented by Deputy Director of KDNKA (PGA) Deputy Commissioner Datuk Mohd Suzrin Mohd Rodhi.

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