A classic theme livens up SMK Sungei Pari Reunion

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: The choice of a classic concept evoked nostalgia and created a lively atmosphere at the Reunion of SMK Sungei Pari held at Hotel Symphony Suites.

With the slogan ‘Jauh Dikenang Dekat Disayang’ and a Colorful Malay Songket theme, the event was attended by 103 former students from batches 1959 to 1964 of the school.


Starting at 2:30 PM, the event was further enlivened by the presence of guest emcee Shahril, who entertained throughout the gathering.


Chairman of the programme, Datuk Dr Junaidah Kamarrudin mentioned that this reunion was the first large-scale event of its kind.

“We have organised many smaller reunion programmes by batches in the past.

“However, this is the first time we have successfully gathered such a large number of batches,” she said when interviewed by Ipoh Echo/Perak Tastic journalists at the recent reunion event.

Junaidah added that the programme was attended by former students who had relocated across the nation.

“They came from all over. I myself am from Putrajaya, and others came from Kuala Lumpur, Perlis, Johor, and mostly from Ipoh because we all went to school here,” she said.

She explained that the programme aimed to strengthen bonds among former students.

“This programme is aimed at facilitating meetings and strengthening existing bonds,” she said.

She expressed the hope of attracting more batch participation in future events.

“Initially, we limited participation to around 100 people for this reunion programme. Therefore, for senior batches like 1958 and also batches 1965 to 1966, God willing, in the future, we may gather even larger and more enthusiastic batches,” she said.


Meanwhile, Rahimah Mohammad, 62, expressed pride in the successful and festive nature of the programme.

“I feel proud to be part of this programme. Thanks to everyone who worked hard; the programme turned out to be so lively,” she said.


Aminah Johar Ali, 61, shared her joy at meeting old friends.

“I am very happy today to meet friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time,” she said.

Zan Zaniah Omar, 62, noted the variety of interesting activities at this year’s event.

“I am delighted to meet friends and enjoy participating in various activities with them,” she said.

Zahara Hassan, 61, expressed her joy that the reunion programme was successfully organised on a grand scale.

“I am happy that the reunion programme could be held on such a grand scale. I hope this programme will continue in the future,” she said.

Meanwhile, Roslina Ismail Nasution, 62, and Ani Rahman, 61, also expressed their excitement at enjoying the festivity of the reunion.

The entire programme featured six singing and dancing performances, both solo and group.

In addition to the meal, several other activities were held, such as showcasing the best clothing and mystery prizes.

The programme was interspersed with performances and the presentation of awards in stages.

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