Is Disneyland Malaysia still quiet?

By Aida Aziz

KAMPAR: The Town of Agacia, once dubbed as Disneyland Malaysia, seems less vibrant than before.

It can be said that the atmosphere during the day is rather gloomy and lacking in visitors, despite previously being famous for its colorful buildings that caught the eye’s attention.

Each unit has unique details with an English theme reminiscent of European towns.

Admittedly, there are still a few shops operating at specific times; it’s understood that some eateries operate there, opening in the evening, including night markets.

A survey of Agacia Town, located about 2 kilometers from Bandar Baru Park, found that not much has changed.

The location, which has the potential to attract many visitors from within and outside Perak, is quiet and empty.

Despite the official portal of the Kampar District Council (MDKpr) listing the location as one of the attractions in the area, the actual situation does not match what is stated.

Perhaps more promotion and suitable programs should be implemented there to attract more people to take photos and visit the buildings.

Previously, netizens also questioned the situation there, which was said to be deserted like a ghost town.

Furthermore, many believe that more attractions should be created there.

“The town is beautiful but lacks tourists from both local and international visitors.

“To revitalize Agacia Town, there should be food trucks at night, movies, and a new bowling alley to attract more visitors,” said one netizen.

It is hoped that there are parties that can help elevate this area accordingly; local authorities can also play a role by promoting and publicizing the location more effectively to the public.

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