Sell ​​chickens for RM10 each to ease burden of residents

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The current rise in price of goods is affecting the population, especially those with low incomes.

Although there are low-cost sales programmes conducted by government agencies, not all citizens have the opportunity to buy from them.

Therefore, the initiative of a trader, Rosli Ali, who sold chickens at RM10 each, before Aidiladha to reduce the burden on the people, should be emulated.

He set up a stall on the side of a major road near a quarry in Kampung Temiang to make it easier for passersby to make purchases.

According to Rosli, a total of 2,000 chickens were processed and sold over the three days.

“I opened a stall selling chickens continuously for 3 days for the people so that they could reduce their market expenses.

“The usual price per processed chicken in the market is between RM9 to RM10 per kilogram, but for this sale, we only sold them for RM10 each,” he said.

Meanwhile, buyer Siti Rahmah Mansor praised the initiative of traders like Rosli who sold at lower prices.

She said she bought 2 chickens for RM20 compared to RM35 or RM40 if purchased at market prices.

The extra money was used to buy other necessities.

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