Trailblazer Hiking Club Malaysia members visit site Battle of Kampar

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: MHG

KAMPAR: Excited to hear the untold stories of Kampar’s history and World War II battles that are not found in textbooks?

That’s the feeling shared by members of the Trailblazer Hiking Club Malaysia during their visit to the site of the Battle of Kampar here.

Comprising individuals from various backgrounds, they were surprised to discover Kampar’s significant historical value that deserves recognition.

The members of Trailblazer Hiking Club Malaysia, who are also nature enthusiasts, greatly appreciated the storytelling of Kampar’s history, particularly its wartime history.

The briefing session was conducted by the Malayan History Group (MHG).

MHG’s Chief Researcher, Shaharom Ahmad, expressed gratitude for being invited to share stories about the Battle of Kampar’s history.

He mentioned that participants also viewed exhibitions showcasing Japanese and British military equipment during World War II in Malaya.

“The opportunity to accompany members of Trailblazer Hiking Club Malaysia allowed us to share the historical narratives that took place here.

“The site of Kampar National Secondary School was also one of the locations where battles occurred during that time,” he said.

Trailblazer Hiking Club Malaysia members were then taken to visit the surrounding areas, including the nearby Battle of Kampar site.

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