Martial art Silambam trains students in discipline, instills goodness in life

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: P Uvarajan

IPOH: The involvement of young people in martial arts is highly beneficial as it trains them in discipline that can be applied in life.

As students, for example, they need to follow rules, while as children, they should respect and heed family advice.

This was the message from the President of the Kinta Ipoh Welfare, Cultural and Sports Association, P. Uvarajan, during a meeting with members of the Perak Silambam Porr Kalai Association.

The session, held as part of an introductory session, was organized by the association and attended by about 70 students under the guidance of Ruthraveeran Master, M. Gunalan.

In his speech, Uvarajan expressed support for the efforts of the Silambam association in attracting the interest of the younger generation.

“I also want to encourage young people to be active in self-defense arts associations. At the very least, we should have one martial art.

“This is because self-defense arts train members in discipline, especially students in their lives,” he added.

The program was further enriched with a demonstration of Silambam skills.

Also present was the President of the Perak Silambam Porr Kalai Association, Jeganathan Kannusamy.

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