Efforts to Address Flash Floods During Heavy Rain in Pasir Puteh Road

By: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: Concerns arise among road users whenever heavy rains hit Pasir Puteh Road, particularly due to flash floods that inundate the thoroughfare.

Heavy downpours lasting mere minutes often lead to submerged roads, especially near the Telekom Malaysia office and before the traffic lights at that location.

This situation has persisted for several years, occasionally causing traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.

Conditions worsen when water levels rise too high, rendering the road impassable for vehicles.

Efforts to tackle this issue have been initiated by the Tebing Tinggi State Assemblyman’s Office, which has escalated the matter to the Kinta District Public Works Department (JKR).

Dr Aziz Bari, the Tebing Tinggi Assemblyman, highlighted that frequent flash floods in the area have nearly rendered the road impassable.

He noted that motorists are forced to take an alternative route via the nearby Shell petrol station.

“The Tebing Tinggi State Assemblyman’s Office has contacted the Kinta District JKR to monitor the situation.

“Kinta District JKR Engineer, Ir. Atikah Md Radzi has assured us they will promptly inspect the drains and drainage systems in the area,” he said.

It is hoped that a solution will soon be found to alleviate these issues.

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