Recommend install pedestrian traffic lights on Jalan Sultan Yusof

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: It’s not a new issue, the pedestrian crossing or ‘zebra crossing’ on Jalan Sultan Yusof near Ipoh Padang here is considered risky for pedestrians.

Despite having stop signs for pedestrians at the crossing, it remains dangerous because not all road users are aware of the signs.

Moreover, not all road users understand that the white-striped crossing means vehicles must stop when pedestrians are crossing.

What is more worrying is that the area is a tourist attraction, and pedestrians cross continuously, especially during peak hours or school holidays.

A observation by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic at the location found that some situations become uncontrollable when vehicles continue to move even when pedestrians are crossing.

There are also vehicles that honk at pedestrians who are crossing.

Therefore, most residents suggest that pedestrian traffic lights be installed at the crossing.

A resident who is also a book vendor from Pekan Batu Gajah, Shuib Bashiran, strongly agrees that pedestrian traffic lights should be installed there.

“If there is a budget, it would be good to install pedestrian traffic lights here.

“This is because if not, it can lead to accidents, as many visitors and tourists walk around here, especially on weekends,” he said when met at the location.

Meanwhile, another visitor who only wanted to be known as Suria said she felt worried and took a long time to cross.

“It indeed takes a long time to cross this road.

“Even then, I am hesitant to cross because of the many fast-moving vehicles,” she said

Therefore, the authorities are urged to take this issue seriously to prevent accidents or unwanted incidents in the future.

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