A First-Aider in Every Home

Stepping up efforts to further empower women and the general public, Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) organised a one-day training programme recently called, “First Aider in Every Home”. It was the society’s first service project of the year. It was conducted by the Malaysian Red Crescent (Perak Chapter).

Although the programme was opened to the public, it was targeted mainly at single parents, kindergarten teachers, guardians of young children and caregivers. It attracted over 80 participants who paid a nominal commitment fee of RM10 each. They were presented with certificates at the end of the course.

PWW is a non-profit organisation that endeavours to enhance the status and lives of women and children in Perak. The society celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Since 2000 the Malaysian Red Crescent (Perak Chapter) has conducted numerous first-aid courses. Over 30,000 people throughout the state have attended these courses. As the programme was conducted free-of-charge, PWW made a small donation to the Malaysian Red Crescent.

The programme covered domestic and workplace accidents, sports injuries and bone dislocations, among others. Participants were given an understanding as to why these accidents happen and learnt simple, yet effective ways to avoid and treat them. They were also taught proper administration of first aid which could minimise injury deterioration and save lives.


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