Living a Balanced Life

The book Living a Balanced Life by Dr Peggy Wong is well worth the read. She tries to impart life’s philosophies in the simplest and most informative manner without appearing boring. This book certainly stands out from the usual run of the mill, which advocates the “do good, get good” blueprint.

Coming from a corporate background, Dr Peggy understands the basic need people have, to chase the money trail in the hope that it will bring happiness and contentment. She understands the demands this chase entails, and armed with this knowledge and experience, Dr Peggy is now on a quest to try and help others realise that there are other things in life equally if not more important, than simply having a lot of money.

The seven areas she addresses in this book are specifically targeted to help the reader understand the need to pay attention to these areas in life and why. The seven areas or otherwise depicted as the 7Fs (as opposed to the popular 5Cs) are FaithFamilyFinancesFitnessFun and Fruits. Coming from a person who has achieved almost everything there is to enjoy materialistically, the gist of her book cautions and explains to the reader the folly of pursuing or prioritising the chase for wealth, while still acknowledging its importance. Dr Peggy tries to make the reader understand the importance of not overlooking the 7Fs.

As the founder and chairperson of Living Hope, Dr Peggy is very involved in lending a helping hand to the underprivileged. The various forms of support she and her organisation provides, has helped many live a new life of hope and joy. Her charitable works and contributions have helped see inroads made in organisations such as WWF, Kosovo war victims, JE virus victims and various different homes, centres and organisations both locally and internationally.

 ‘Living a Balanced Life’ (102 pages) will be launched by Tun Ahmad Sarli, Chairman of PNB, on March 13 in Kuala Lumpur and will be available at all major bookstores. Priced at RM24, all proceeds will go to ‘Living Hope’.

In the meantime, orders can be made through email at: or

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