Thoracotomy of Ipoh Green Lungs

It is disheartening to see so many century old trees being felled lately…

No doubt, development marks the progress of mankind but sustainable development makes it a cut above and in a more tasteful way too!

Projects and plans could be designed around those trees and in the event of some which are in the way, isn’t there a better option to relocate the trees to other green lungs of Ipoh (for example, Coronation Park aka DR Park), Polo ground and a host of others while fellow Ipohites could continue to enjoy the shade, serenity and need I say more? Deforestation is to be blamed for global warming, massive floods, typhoons, haze and the list goes on…

Corporates can also have a Tree Adoption Programme whereby the costs of relocation and replanting are to be borne as part of their CSR programmes.

While Genesis tells the story of how the tree of knowledge bloomed in the Garden of Eden, whereby in an age of advanced technology, I pray for more sensible, visionary and sustainable decisions made by mankind for the sake of our good selves and our future generations!

TFW (Tobacco Free World) Team

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