Casuarina Trees

I like to draw your attention to the casuarina trees beside the Ipoh Padang that were brought down last weekend. The PTA of St Michael’s Institution wrote to the Mayor, Dato’ Roshidi and copied Councillor David Lai our concerns regarding the health of the trees. We requested the city’s authorities verify the health of the trees and to take appropriate action to prevent any tragedy that may arise from an unhealthy tree. Earlier this year a number of trees were blown over and it was fortunate that they fell onto the Padang and not towards our school or the mosque next door.

It is sad that these majestic Casuarinas, that had defined the image of Ipoh Padang and St Michael’s Institution, had to be brought down but we fully support the action taken by the city’s authorities as the safety of our children can never be compromised. I thank the Mayor and Councillor David Lai for their prompt decision and action.

I hope that the city’s authorities will immediately replant the perimeter of the Padang with trees again but to do so within the Padang and not at the same spot where the Casuarinas were removed.

Joseph Michael Lee
PTA President
SM St Michael’s Institution

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