BRT — The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 2)

By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

SeeFoon Chan-Koppen continues her exploration of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) with a report on her own personal experience after the first round of 10 sessions.

I have used BRT or Bioresonance Therapy on quite a few occasions before, having had to travel to Singapore and further afield to find therapists who have and use these machines. Imagine my delight when I discovered Oasis of Hope right here on the second floor of the same building as Ipoh Echo.

For me the principle of bioresonance makes sense. Leading scientists have discovered that every living and nonliving thing has its own resonant frequency. Every organ of the body has its own individual resonant frequency, much like the note of a tuning fork. All bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi also have their own frequencies.

When an organ, such as the lung, which usually resonates at a frequency of 72 cycles per second (also known as herz) develops an infection, then the frequency will change, usually dropping a few hertz. By producing the same frequency as a healthy lung using a frequency generator, then we can help the lung to recuperate its normal functioning. The body heals and rebalances itself when it is connected to healthy frequencies. This is the principle of BIORESONANCE.

If we take a crystal wine glass as an example, which has its own resonant frequency around 500 hertz and we produce a sound at the same frequency, stand the glass in front of a speaker, then the glass will absorb this frequency and break. This is the phenomenon of RESONANCE.

In the same way, microbes also have their own resonant frequencies – if we can match these frequencies then the microbes will absorb this energy and burst. I have actually seen this happening in a video with frequencies killing a parasite.

My first treatment was actually a ‘check-up’ of sorts. The wonderful part of each session is that you get to lie on a recliner seat and they put a flat mat-like electrode on your back and one or two either on your chest and or your stomach. These electrodes are lightly padded and not in the least bit invasive, with no tingling sensations involved. Then your energy level is measured by holding onto two metal rods. During this first session my energy level was a low 34, with the optimum being 100.

The rest of this first session was a soporific idyll as I drifted off into a deep sleep. When I awoke after two hours, I was led through the list of what has been registered by the machine. And it was a lengthy one!

I was told that I was allergic to about 24 food items out of a list of 64  and there are still more than 100 items like preservatives, molds, fungi, colourants, insect bites, dust mites, etc., which remain to be checked in the next cycle. And they found degenerated cells in just about every single one of my internal organs!

Discovering that I am allergic to common food items like milk, butter, corn, oats, rice, beans, pork, turkey and a host of other everyday foods was an eye opener for me. I know that I am particularly sensitive to MSG or monosodium glutamate, that flavour enhancer that is the mainstay of most restaurants and stalls so I asked if there was anything that can be done to alleviate the swelling of my calves and ankles that invariably follow my ingestion of MSG – which as a food writer is one ingredient I find difficult to avoid despite my constant pleading with the restaurants concerned.

The answer was a resounding yes and I was reassured that all the food items that I’m found to be allergic to can be all ameliorated with BRT. Thank goodness for BRT I thought. No needles, no drugs, no antihistamines.

The process is a slow and patient one though. After 10 sessions, I definitely noticed that my MSG allergy has been reduced. I don’t swell up as often and as much as I used to. An added bonus (and I have to credit BRT because I haven’t added anything new to my supplement regime) is the fact that my  fasting blood sugar has come down. Despite my eating the occasional high-carb meal.

The aim of my treatment regime was to increase my body’s tolerance to MSG and to stimulate self healing in the body. So far, it appears to be working.

Next issue: More on the results of my 10 sessions of BRT.

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