Perak Qiong Hai Green Ride

The Hainanese community Perak Qiong Hai Association’s ‘Suki Green Pedal Fellowship Ride’ on the early morning of December 29, 2013,  was solely a fun ride. There were no winners or prizes; only fresh air and fellowship.

The ride was the start of the Association’s 60th anniversary celebrations which will take place on May 5. Over 60 members together with their family and friends took part in the ride. A majority of the riders were senior committee members which included its Chairman Ho Koon Kan.

The ride started at Bukit Kinding and wound its way to Chemor and back, covering a distance of 18km. The route is a popular off-road circuit which cuts through scenic vegetable farms and oil palm estates.

It was a leisurely ride which allowed for group photo shoots along the way and to take in the beauty of the valley and even a sip of cool coconut water at the halfway point.

In the Chinese calendar 60 years is the accomplishment of one complete cycle of all the elements of life. The association’s green ride is a fitting and forward start towards an auspicious celebration coming soon.


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