Perak JPs and their Community Service Projects

The Council of Justices of the Peace, Perak, in line with two of their several objectives:  aiding and promoting charitable and social welfare work; and sponsoring the promotion of understanding, goodwill, peace and unity of the country and its people, recently carried out a Road Safety Awareness Campaign at three locations.

In conjunction with the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the launching of Pelancaran Ops Selamat within Perak, the JP Council participated in this project organised jointly by the Perak state government, PDRM, JPJ, JPAM, JKJR, Bomba, St John Ambulance and PLUS. This was carried out at the Ipoh Selatan (Ampang) Toll Plaza and later at the Jelapang Toll Plaza, both for inbound motorists into Ipoh.

The campaign was again held at the Sungkai Toll Plaza for motorists going into Sungkai and for those going out of Sungkai. This project was carried out by the JP Council with assistance from PDRM, Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (JKJR), PLUS and a group of people from Sungkai, Bidor and Tapah, including a team of local ladies specially dressed in sashes highlighting the campaign.

Goody bags containing mandarin oranges, Spritzer mineral water, and various pamphlets explaining the Objectives of the JP Council, Perak, and those issued by PDRM and JKJR giving information on road safety precautions and crime prevention were distributed. When giving out the goodies the motorists were reminded to drive safely and be aware of the importance of wearing safety belts in their cars.

The JP Council have also lined up several projects to be carried out in Perak, some of which are granting scholarships to poor and needy students, providing health care services to rural and orang asli villages, arranging luncheon talks to familiarise them on state protocols. A golf competition and dinner to raise funds to carry out the welfare activities is being planned. Further charitable and welfare projects to cater for those celebrating the various respective festivals are on the cards.

Following another of its objectives – to serve as a liaison body between the government and members of the JP Council, visits were made and will continue to be made to department state heads to discuss ways for the co-ordination and carrying out of activities towards local charity and welfare. A proposal to go to Australia is in the pipeline to visit our counterparts over there.

The President of the JP Council Perak is Dato’ Seri Yeop Junior bin Yeop Adlan who is also the Orang Besar Jajahan, Batang Padang, and who has great ideas to implement all the duties and powers vested in the Justices of the Peace.

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