One Brochure Too Many

Perak has plenty to offer visitors – white beaches, pristine jungles, exotic food and foremost, Ipoh’s many colonial-era buildings. They will be spoilt for choice.

Tourism brochures, in English, too are easily available but the downside is their varying versions and contents. There are two different versions for Pangkor Island, two for Lenggong Valley and a similar number for Kuala Kangsar.

Most of the brochures, unfortunately, have insufficient information, grammatical mistakes and poor graphics. How could this happen when they are being produced by the same agency?

So, what is in store for Perak, bearing in mind it is Visit Malaysia Year 2014? There is a Calendar of Events 2014 published by Perak Tourism (M) Berhad. Thirty seven events are being slated for the whole of the year. Four events, planned for between January and March 2014, have not taken off. Will the rest suffer a similar fate?

I doubt any action to rectify mistakes in the brochures will be taken. There is an uncanny similarity with the goofs found on the wall of Dataran KTM and the concrete plaques around Ipoh Padang.

Will those responsible be a little more caring?


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